I was a "team guy" on several occasions. High-performing? Not so much.

Updated: Feb 10

The concept of teams conveys different things to different people.This becomes even more convoluted when discussing high-performance teams, mostly, because organizations tend to throw the label around indiscriminately.

Newsflash. Just because a team is effective doesn't make it high-performing. 

Effectiveness is about behaviors. High-performance is about both effective behaviors and processes in place.

Want your teams to be high-performing? Then they will need to develop and sustain the appropriate behaviors and processes to do so!

Teams become high-performance teams through disciplined action. They are hyper-focused on a mission, goal, or objective. They work interdependently and collaboratively on a common set of demanding performance measures to deliver. They define a common working approach. They develop high levels of complementary talents and competencies. They hold themselves mutually accountable.

Rinse. Repeat.

Here, at Southern Cross, we call these crews. And the environment they create is called crew-munity.

In crews, the role of leader is less important and difficult to identify. At one time or another, all members lead the crew as needed. 

Additionally, crews demonstrate a high degree of commitment to one another. When one bears the proverbial monkey on their back, they all do.