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A three phase framework to high-performance

Your organization is a marketplace where employees want to buy growth, explore opportunities, and find fulfillment. Invest in them and they in turn will invest in you. 

We believe there are three phases that every organization must invest in and succeed in as they aim for high-performance. Each serves a critical role and success in one does not ensure success in all. 

Our services help organizations navigate each.

phase one - engage

Building a high-performance team starts one leader at a time!

Disengaged employees are impacting your organization. Big time.

But this "rule" isn't written in stone! It's possible to move your employees from simply "putting in their time" to being emotionally committed to their work and the organization's success.

Engagement starts with a better understanding of self.

We help your team members find their unique leadership style by exposing them to behaviors consistently found across exceptionally effective leaders and guiding their personal reflections as they declare their individual leadership brands.


Throughout this process, we personalize coaching based on an evolving assessment of where they are in their personal and professional life, and where they hope to go.


We help them identify strengths and areas for growth and opportunity through a variety of empirical and research-driven assessments knowing that engagement is the starting point to bring true value to their team.


To be the ideal team player.

phase two - empower

To become high-performing, your teams first must be effective!

Jean-Paul Sartre once said, "Hell is other people." If you've ever been on a bad team, then you know exactly what he means.


Recent studies show that teamwork in most organizations remains as elusive as it has ever been - even with countless scholarly articles, how-to manuals, and self-help books readily available with the click of a mouse.


Studies also show that organizations fail to build effective teams because they fall prey to the same manageable issues time and again. 

Issues created by an organizational environment that inhibits empowerment, dissuades autonomy, and fails to undestand how to harness individual contribution.

Yes, you need your employees to be themselves before their teams can be effective, but you need them to be themselves together. We help them do just that! 


We help your team build trust, manage conflict, deepen commitment, face accountability, and focus on collective results to create the environment your organization needs to move beyond the status quo, to move beyond what's acceptable.   


To be effective. 

phase three - enable

High-performing teams are the holy grail for modern companies!

One factor alone separates the truly high-performing teams from the rest - a higher degree of commitment.

Heightened commitment reflects strong extensions of a team's basic fabric, particularly a deeper sense of purpose and more ambitious performance goals.


And let's face it, teams exist for one thing and one thing only - to achieve results. 


It takes tremendous discipline, persistence, and effort to reach high-performance. It's aspirational, but not impossible.

We help your teams move beyond effectiveness into high-performance.


We help your teams focus on what matters via a 3x3 framework designed to invest their time, energy, and resources into what matters - their team's goals, roles, and norms - and the steps required to close the gap between what team members say they will do and what actually happens.


Results are best achieved when publicly declared and consistently visible. After completing this process up close and personal, your teams get access to TeamOnUPa proprietary goal management software, to plan, assign actions with owners, and track their progress.  

To be badass and win against the dreaded status quo.

To be high-performing.

How FAST are your goals?

At Southern Cross, we focus on performance goals that drive your strategy regardless of terminology.

One thing is clear - Goals need to be frequently discussed, ambitious, specific, and transparent.

Take this quiz to find out if your company's approach to goal setting passes the FAST test!