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We help companies build and sustain high-performance teams through customized solutions that drive engagement, inspire empowerment, and bolster enablement

to boost performance and accomplish any mission.


Our model is patented and published. Our curriculum is proven. 

Our experience is real-world.

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Southern Cross

At Southern Cross, we help companies develop and sustain high-performance work teams.


Small, talent-driven teams are an organization's best chance for success.


They are without doubt a company's ultimate competitive advantage.


Therefore, we...


Help growth-minded teams identify and leverage their strengths-based and value-aligned competencies for greater success.


Stress the importance of being, individually, sharp and pointy, casting away the desire to be well-rounded.


Refocus individual talents toward concerted balance creating engagement that is transformational, not transactional.


Increase collective impact and performance for overall greater satisfaction shifting discordant  environments to ones of effective, interdependent collaboration.


Hyper-focus on mission to be better than prepared to accomplish it!


We accomplish this via a patented, published leadership development model coupled with over 13-years experience developing and leading small, high-performing teams in varied and dynamic environments as a United States Marine Raider.

Garret Harrell


Garret Harrell, President & Principal Consultant

Our interactive workshops and deliberate reinforcement drive genuine, meaningful change - in mindset first,

then behaviors. These changes coupled with deliberate process implementation make for high-performance.


Research-backed. Gimmick-free. Real World-tested.




  • Strengths Based | Inclusion Focused | Mission Oriented

    8 hr

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  • Set Your Bearings Toward More Effective, Inclusive Leadership

    16 hr

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  • Moving Your Team from Effective to High-Performing

    8 hr

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  • Leadership Development for Frontline Supervisors

    3 hr

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  • Leadership Development for Middle Managers

    5 hr

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  • Leadership Development for Senior Leaders

    7 hr

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Dylan S.,

Marine Officer & Raider

U.S. Marine Corps

Special Operations Command

After getting to know me and my situation he personally introduced me to a number of programs and businesses that directly aligned with my plan for the future and that shared my passion for creativity and innovation.

Wendy B.,

Communications Director

U.S. Department of State

Garret is a natural leader and mentor. He values the people who work for him, and creates a sense of purpose and excellence in everything he does. He has high standards, is an approachable colleague, and builds his team.

Luke K.,

Director, Facilities Operations

Institute for Defense Analysis

Garret is the embodiment of a servant leader ... open minded, constantly learning from those around him. This humility and perspective are Garret’s most valuable assets. Leaders and their organizations would benefit greatly from bringing Garret in.

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